TS3-001 - Capsule de Fumée pour Testifire - Smoke Capsule for TestifireTS3-001 - Capsule de Fumée pour Testifire - Smoke Capsule for Testifire

TS3 Smoke Capsule TS3-001

Replacement Smoke Capsule TS3 for Testifire, 1 piece TS3-001 - No Climb products
52,11 €
52,11 €
Sales price without tax 52,11 €

TS3-001 - TS3 Smoke Capsule for Testifire, Singular - No Climb products

Testifire generates its non toxic smoke stimulus from a specially formulated, fluid supplied in a replaceable non pressurised capsule. The number of tests from a capsule is dictated by the response time of the detectors under test and can range between 500 and 1,000 tests. Although there is much more to the comparison than material cost, typically this equates to between two and five times that produced by an aerosol.

Same product with other reference : TM008SM, ACAF0003, 690100017




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