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Services for residential users

Protect your family, your house and your most precious objects, here is our ambition. To do it, we analyse with you in a specify way your appropriate needs so as to propose the supply, the installation and the follow-up of the material which corresponds at best to your wishes.

It can involve an alarm system, a fire detection, a gas detection, fire extinguishers, a system of cameras, a home automation or of some of these products.

Services for companies

Protect your production tools, your premises, your employees, your stock, your data against theft and the risks of fire or allow you to have a visual track of what takes place in your store or your hall, here is our mission.

ORNICOM proposes you a range of solutions intended to answer your specific needs as company. A single interlocutor is there to analyse your various needs regarding alarm system, fire detection, gas detection, cameras supervision, access control.

  • Detectors and control panels with certification BOSEC, VdS, LPCB, EN-54, UL FM, ATEX following the models
  • Explosion-proof flame detectors
  • Explosion-proof gas detectors
  • Aspirating high sensibility detection
  • Test Equipments for detectors
  • fire extinguishers
  • Technical support and trainings

It's sure, it is a saving of time for you!

Private individuals

Alarm system

We propose you two types of alarm systems: wired or wireless. If, during your construction, you planned with your electrician to place the cable of alarm, then we shall propose you a wired system. If you did not, if your house is not new or if you do not wish visible cable, a wireless system can be proposed to you.

You have cats or dogs which circulate in all the house at night and you wish an alarm system, it is possible. A perimeter detection (only provided with magnetic contacts) can be envisaged. In other cases (small dog for example), detectors PI (immunity fart) can be planned.

Everything is possible for your safety and the safety of your family.

Fire Detection

A Fire detection can be coupled with your alarm system so allowing you to be warned of a fire risk within your house.

Means of transmission

As regards the means to warn you, we propose you; the vocal transmission (your system calls you to indicate you an intervention) or the transmission by SMS message (with or without the vocal transmission) or another internet connection to connect to various applications as instant messaging or applications of remote monitoring, etc....

Other products

Finally, we also sale systems of cameras adapted to a private use.

We invite you to go to consult the section "documentations" in which you will find information on the various types of systems, the various types of detectors or the way to installing them.



Alarm system

According to your profile, we shall propose you an alarm system which corresponds to your level of risk.

Provided with a tamper loop, our detectors as well as our control panel are auto-protected for any attempt of sabotage. The wrench of these or the cut of mains connecting cables causes immediately a release of the alarm. It is an additional safety when you have a stock to be protected. Furthermore, some of our detectors have an advanced technology allowing the release of the alarm when somebody try to mask them by painting, 1 magnet...

Our ambition: protect you at best by proposing you a system allying the high technology (doubles technology detector reducing strongly the risk of false alarms) and the simplicity of use while remaining democratic financially.


Fire Detection

1) Conventional detection

A conventional fire detection use automatic smoke or thermal detectors distributed in zones and allows to warn the present persons by means of push-buttons.

In a practical way, the building is divided into several zones representing several detectors. Consequently, when a detector provide an alarm (by smoke, heat or gas according to detectors), it is the zone where the detector is installed  which is going to ignite a bright witness on the control panel. As you will have to understand, it does not allow a precise localization of the beginning of the fire. This is why this type of detection is especially used in small or average installations.
For further information on the material used in this type of detection, please refer in section "documentation".

2) Analogue Addressable Detection

Contrary to a conventional fire detection working with zones where there is several detectors on it, the analogue control panel allows a communication with each detectors and it in a completely independent way. Consequently, when a fire detection occurs, the control panel allows to locate exactly which is the detector in cause.

This is advantage of 1st choice in the installations of bigger scales.
For further information on the material used in this type of detection, please refer to the section "documentation".

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Ornicom leans on more than 30 years of experience to propose a large and innovative range of safety integrated system.

By bringing a personalized answer to their specific problems, we accompany our customers, stage after stage, towards the success of their projects.

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