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Fire detector tester

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Detector test equipment

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Fire Detector Test Equipment, Fire Detector Tester

When it comes to fire alarms systems safety is the most important thing. You can have a top of the line equipment, but will be at no use if the detectors dont do their job and trigger any fire or smoke alarm signal. Thats why it is very important to use our certified fire detector testers to make sure your devices are working as it should be. Browse through our products which are used by the best professionals in the Fire detector tester industry.



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Detector test equipment

5m Additional Extension Cable for Mains Heat Detector Tester SOLO425

5m Additional Extension Cable for Mains Heat Detector Tester SOLO 425 - No Climb

91,26 €

Aerosol Smoke Dispenser SOLO330

Aerosol Smoke Dispenser SOLO 330 No Climb Products

248,73 €

Aerosol Smoke Dispenser SOLO332

Aerosol Smoke Dispenser, large cup SOLO 332 No Climb Products

347,35 €

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester SOLOC6

Solo C6 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester with straw - No Climb products

21,62 €

Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester SOLOC3

Solo C3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester - No Climb products

21,62 €

Cordless Heat Detector Tester Kit with battery SOLO461

Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester kit (battery powered) Solo460 + 2 x Solo770 + Solo727 included

946,00 €

Cordless Heat Detector Tester SOLO460

Cordless Heat Detector Tester (Head only) SOLO 460 - No Climb

563,53 €

Detector Removal Tool SOLO200

Detector Removal Tool SOLO200 No Climb products

271,19 €

Detector test equipment

Smoke Detector Testing Starter Pack 2.5m SOLO 810 No Climb products

331,05 €

Detector test equipment

Smoke Detector Testing Starter Pack 4m SOLO 808 No Climb products

450,59 €

Detector test equipment

Smoke Detector Testing Starter Pack 6m SOLO 809 No Climb products

672,11 €

Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 6 Metres SOLO922

A test kit with the Electronic Smoke detector tester SOLO365, Cordless Heat Detector Tester, Removal Tool and Access...

2501,76 €
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