SMART3G-Gr1 Gas detectors for Group 1 areas Tunnels and Mines

SMART3G-GrI gas detectors are employed to detect the presence of flammable and toxic gases in mines, tunnels and areas classified as Group I.
Also available with front display, SMART3GD-GrI offers a 4 digits back-lit display for the gas concentration reading, 5 mode status LED and a high visibility multi-colour LED light ring.
The version with display features non-intrusive magnetic calibration for an accurate and easy calibration via Hall-effect switches, without opening the instrument and declassifying the area.
SMART3G-GrI detectors are ATEX certified for Group I.

SMART3G-GrI gas detector features:

  • Non-intrusive one man calibration via Hall effect switches (display version)
  • 4-digit display and multi-color LED light ring (display version)
  • Standard 4-20 mA 3 wire output
  • Optional 3 relay output (standard 3-relay output in display version)
  • Optional RS485 interface for Modbus communication.
  • Zero tracking to maintain the zero point steady from possible drifts
  • Ongoing system self diagnosis
  • ATEX I M2 Ex d I Mb
  • SIL 2HW & SIL3 SW certified
  • Wide range of sensors and detectable gases
  • Wide range of accessories for installation and maintenance
  • Easy sensor replacement