ECO1005 Détecteur Thermovélocimétrique Conventionnel  - Rate of Rise Conventional DetectorECO1005 Détecteur Thermovélocimétrique Conventionnel - Rate of Rise Conventional Detector

Rate of Rise Conventional Detector ECO1005

ECO1000 Series Rate of Rise Thermal Conventional detector with Bosec approval ECO1005 System Sensor, Morley-IAS

ECO1005 - Rate of Rise Conventional Thermal Detector with BOSEC approval SYSTEM SENSOR

The ECO1000 family consists of three thermal detectors. 58°C fixed temperature (ECO1005T), 78°C fixed tempertature (ECO1004T), and a rate of rise detector (ECO1005).
The fixed operating point units are suitable for use in areas where rigid changes of temperature can normally be expected; the rate of rise device in areas where the temperature will usually be pretty stable.

Simple Routine Testing
Traditionally routine testing involved physical access to the installed unit, a time-consuming procedure often requiring the use of step ladders or long poles. The ECO1000 can be tested from ground level using a laser based remote alarm test unit. The modulated laser beam is directed at the detector's LED; the unit responds to the commands and latches into alarm. What could be simpler?


- Bosec approved
- Microprocessor based products provide a more intelligent solution
- Special algorithms provide both a constant sensitivity level between service intervals and eliminate spurious alarms resulting from electrical noise
- Photo–thermal model provides outstanding protection
- Laser-based remote test unit – no need for ladders and towers
- EN54 Certified (2000 edition)
- Photoelectric, photo–thermal and thermal detectors
- Improved chamber design minimises the effects of dust contamination
- 8 to 30VDC operating voltage range provides compatibility with both fire and security systems
- -30 to +70°C operating temperature range
- Choice of bases (including a 12V relay version)
- Automatic drift compensation

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