CS5500 - Clavier LCD piloté par menus déroulants NF et A2P type 2 UTC Fire & Security Menu Driven Keypad ARITECHCS5500 - Clavier LCD piloté par menus déroulants NF et A2P type 2 UTC Fire & Security Menu Driven Keypad ARITECH

Menu Driven Keypad

Menu Driven Keypad CS5500 UTC Fire & Security Aritech

CS5500 - Menu Driven Keypad UTC Fire & Security ARITECH

The Menu Driven Keypad, the comfort in programming New generation.
The menu driven keypad is not only a new generation of GE Security keypads, it's also an 'installer-friendly' keypad.
Easier to install and operate, it's also very intuitive and quick to learn.
Smart keypad.
It's an intelligent keypad able to detect available modules or new modules added to the system. The keypad automatically adapts its menu structure to the installed modules and expands its structure when needed to reflect new additions and give access to the parameters of the added modules. This way you see what you need and only what you need at any time. You are able to set up a system easier than before.
User friendly.
It provides an easy and quick access to all the features of the security system. With an event log of 512 events, enhanced backlight and user definable zones/partitions names, it adapts to the lifestyle of the users.


- 'installer-friendly' interface based on a hierarchical and dynamic menu structure
- Automatically adapts to system capability
- User defined zone type, zone name and partition name
- Localised text for output events
- Word library for user defined text entry
- GSM style character mapping for text editor
- Advanced navigation between zones and partitions
- Multiple language support
- Maximum keypad distance from control panel 800m
- 'Service' indication for system diagnostics
- Tamper switch for protection against opening or removal
- Keypad supervision
- Eight ''function keys'' for simplified operation (stay, exit, bypass, menu, ok, no, insert and delete)
- Three ''Hold-down'' emergency combinations for fire, panic or medical alarm
- 512 Events log


  • Power supply voltage : 13.8 V
  • Consumption Normal condition (Piezo Off) : 90 mA at 13.8 V
  • Consumption Normal condition (Piezo On) : 100 mA at 13.8 V
  • Consumption Standby : 7 mA at 13.8 V
  • Consumption In alarm : 36 mA at 13.8 V
  • Dimensions : 102 x 153 x 29 mm
  • Operating temperature : 0 to 40°C
  • Humidity : 93% max., non-condensing
  • Shipping Weight : 170 g

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