ELS290120 - Eclairage Sortie de Secours ExiLED Combiné maintenu/non-maintenu distance 34m 230V 1h Eltek Fire & Safety ExiLED 34m Emergency Light 230V 1hELS290120 - Eclairage Sortie de Secours ExiLED Combiné maintenu/non-maintenu distance 34m 230V 1h Eltek Fire & Safety ExiLED 34m Emergency Light 230V 1h

ExiLED 34m Emergency Light 230V 1h

LED-based maintained/non-maintained Exit Sign Light 34m distance ELS290120 Eltek Fire & Security by Honeywell

ELS290120 - ExiLED maintened/non-maintened 34m Exit Sign Light 230V 1h Eltek Fire & Safety

ExiLED is an elegant and functional emergency light in aluminum and plexi glass for indoor installation. Suites perfect in e.g. office buildings, cinema, hotel, shopping centers, café- and restaurant environment.
Unique raster layer technology ensures evenly and comfortable light distribution on the sign.
ExiLED is designed for both new building construction and renovation of existing facilities.

Easy and quick installation
The spacious housing and smart slide system make the installation, connection and change of battery easy.
There are finished fixings for easy installation on the ceiling box.
Luminarie and pictogram must be ordered separately.
Accessories are pendulum suspension, wire kit suspension, flag consol and protection grid.
ExiLED supplied with product variants for reading distance 22 meters and 44 meters, see separate data sheets.
ExiLED is possible to be used as maintained or non-maintained.


- LED based exit sign
- Delivered as self-contained/auto test luminaire
- Easy installation and maintenance
- IP 40 - dustproof luminaire
- Reading distance 34 meters


  • Battery backup time : 1 hour
  • Reading distance, exit sign : One-side or two-side 34m
  • Voltage : 220-240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption : 9VA / 4W
  • Battery : NiMH 3,6V/1.2Ah
  • Battery protection : Over charge protection / deep discharge protection
  • Light source : 18 white LED
  • Technical lifetime (light source) : > 50 000 hours
  • Lumen output : 125 lm (mains) / 155 lm (emergency operation)
  • Produced in accordance with : EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-22
  • Ambient temperature : 5-40 °C
  • Humidity : 0-85%
  • IP rating : IP40
  • Dimensions : 365 x 53 x 272 mm
  • Weight : 0,71 kg (without plexi glass) / 1,53 kg (with plexi glass)
  • Colour : Anodized aluminum / black plastic
  • Materials : Aluminum / plexi glass
  • Mounting method : Included wall bracket (art. no. 290186) and spacer for ceiling mounting (art. no. 290188)


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