IP Communicator with Telco IPCOMIP and GPRS/GSM Communicator IPCOM-G
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IP and GPRS/GSM Communicator IPCOM-GB

IP (Ethernet) and GPRS/GSM Communicator in aluminium box IPCOM-GB - ASC Global
121,80 €
121,80 €
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IPCOM-GB - IP (Ethernet) and GPRS/GSM Communicator in Metal box - ASC Global

The IPCOM–G communicator is recommended for high security applications where backup transmission line is essential. The main reporting channel is wired Internet, which provides immediate alarm transmission and action without additional operation cost. The secondary reporting channel is GPRS (with GSM backup). Secondary GPRS channel can be used in backup way (if Ethernet network fails), in parallel way (Ethernet and GPRS transmission at the same time), and as a main transmission channel (if there is no Ethernet network at installation site). IPCOM-G means high security solution in a cost-effective way.