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IP Ethernet Communicator with Telco - IPCOM - ASC Global
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IPCOM - IP Ethernet Communicator with Telco - ASC Global

With the IPCOM Communicator, the PSTN communication of the control panels can be captured and forwarded via IP (ethernet) network, to compatible monitoring stations, like the ENIGMA II digital receiver, which is capable for reception of IP events in its default configuration.
Using IPCOM is recommended at installations, where there is a stable Ethernet network infrastructure available, and there is either no telephone line or its quality renders PSTN commuication unusable, or simply the telephone bill must be spared.
IPCOM can be used as a primary IP communicator with PSTN backup option, if an external PSTN line is available.


  • Compact design (can be connected directly to the TIP/RING terminals)
  • DTMF/Contact ID dialer capture
  • 2 programmable I/O ports
  • Fixed or Dynamic (DHCP) IP address
  • 2 servers (receiver) can be set for backup/full reporting mode
  • Reporting IP protocol can be set by servers (UDP/TCP, reporting format, etc.)
  • SIA IP Event Reporting protocol support (SIA DC-09)


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