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FS-1300 - Simulateur de Flamme pour Simple IR - Flame Simulator for Single IRFS-1300 - Simulateur de Flamme pour Simple IR - Flame Simulator for Single IR

Flame Simulator for Single IR FS1300

Flame Simulator to test all Spectrex Single IR Flame detector - FS-1300 Spectrex
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FS-1300 - Flame Simulator for all Single IR Flame detector - Spectrex

Providing foolproof, full loop testing of your flame detection system in Zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas at up to 10ft (3m) testing distance

To be fully secure against fire, flame detector self-testing is not enough. According to most local jurisdictional authorities and as required for SIL2 compliance, you need to test and ensure the integrity of your entire flame detection system at least once per year. That means performing a full system loop test from the detector, through the wiring to the controller, and up to the actual alarm notification. The only way to do so, without lighting a real fire, is with an external flame simulator.

The FS-1300 FLAME SIMULATOR is the essential complimentary tool to the self-testing capabilities of your Sharpeye™ Single IR Flame Detectors. It brings fire prevention safety to a higher level by giving you the ability to fully test the operational readiness of your entire fire detection system:
• Test the integrity of all the system components: all alarm outputs, all cabling and connections and the fire alarm panel functionality.
• Test clear line of sight: By using the Spectrex Flame Simulator, you will ensure that no object is obstructing the field of view, and that the detector’s window lens is not obscured.
Therefore, by simulating a fire that actually triggers the detector outputs, the model FS-1300 verifies the correct operation of the Single IR flame detector, performs an essential end-to-end loop test and verifies window cleanliness.

Replacing the old model 20/20-312