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FAAST8100 - Détecteur de fumée par Aspiration System Sensor Aspirating Smoke DetectorFAAST8100 - Détecteur de fumée par Aspiration System Sensor Aspirating Smoke Detector

Aspirating Smoke Detector FAAST8100E

Aspirating Smoke Detector combines dual source (blue LED and infra-red) laserFAAST 8100E System Sensor

FAAST8100 - Aspirating Smoke Detector - System Sensor

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®

The FAAST 8100 aspirating smoke detector combines dual source (blue LED and infra-red laser) optical smoke detection with advanced algorithms to detect a wide range of fires while maintaining enhanced immunity to nuisance particulates. This enables FAAST to accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early as 30 to 60 minutes before a fire actually starts for Early Warning Fire Detection and Very Early Warning Fire Detection.


- Detection as precise as 0.00046 %/ft obscuration
- Five alarm levels and two sensitivity modes provide application flexibility
- Dual flow detection including both ultrasonic and electronic sensing for pipe and chamber air flow measurement
- A single device protects up to 8,000 square feet
- Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance conditions
- Patented particle separator and field-replaceable filter remove contaminants from the system
- PipeIQ™ software provides intuitive system layout, configuration, and monitoring all in one package
- On-board Ethernet interface enables remote monitoring and e-mail status updates
- Fault indicators exhibit a broad spectrum of events
- Unique air flow pendulum graph verifies pipe network functionality
- Particulate graph displays subtle environmental changes for early problem indications