SMART3G-D2 Gas detectors with display for zone 1 category 2 areas

Designed to meet with tough industrial requirements, the SMART3G-D2 allow monitoring toxic and flammable contents in harsh environments and classified areas.
They offer a 4-digit back-lit display and 5 mode status LED for the gas concentration reading.
Ideal in harsh environments, the SMART3G-D2 feature non intrusive calibration for an accurate and easy adjustment via Hall-effect switches, without opening the instrument and declassifying the area.
They can reliably monitor flammable compounds (%LEL), toxic compounds in ppm, Oxygen and CO2 contents in % by Vol.

SMART3G-D2 industrial gas detector features:

  • Non-intrusive one man calibration via Hall effect switches
  • 4-digit display and 5 mode status LEDs
  • Standard 4-20 mA 3 wire output
  • Standard 1 relay output
  • Optional 3 relay output card
  • Optional RS485 interface for Modbus communication.
  • Zero tracking to maintain the zero point steady from possible drifts
  • Ongoing system self diagnosis
  • ATEX II2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb (standard marking) (II2 GD with optional adapter)
  • ATEX II2G Ex db [ib] IIC T6 Gb for detectors with intrinsically safe protection
  • SIL 2HW tested, SIL3 SW pending
  • Wide range of sensors and detectable gases
  • Wide range of accessories for installation and maintenance
  • Easy sensor replacement

Important note:

The standard supply consists of the detector housed in the small junction box complete with 1 relay output.
A larger enclosure or an integrated 3 relay board are available in option.

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SMART3G-D2 Detectors Explosion-Proof with LCD

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