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Quasar 903 - Open Path Gas Detector SafEye - Détecteur linéaire de gaz combustible - SpectrexQuasar 903 - Open Path Gas Detector SafEye - Détecteur linéaire de gaz combustible - Spectrex

Détecteur linéaire de gaz combustible SafEye Quasar 903

La gamme SafEye Quasar 900 est la toute dernière technologie de détecteur linéaire infrarouge qui détecte une large gamme de gaz d'hydrocarbures - y compris les alcanes (du méthane à l'hexane) et l'éthylène. Quasar 903
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Quasar 903 - Détecteur linéaire de gaz combustible SafEye 35-100m - Spectrex

Détecteur linéaire de gaz, Barrière de détection de gaz, Détecteur de gaz en circuit ouvert

The New SafEye Quasar 900 is an open path detection system which provides continuous monitoring for combustible hydrocarbon gases. It employs “spectral fingerprint” analysis of the atmosphere using the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique.

The Quasar 900 consists of a Xenon Flash infrared transmitter and infrared receiver, separated over a line of sight from 23 ft (7m) up to 660 ft (200m) in extremely harsh environments where dust, fog, rain, snow or vibration can cause a high reduction of signal. 

The Quasar 900 transmitter and receiver are both housed in a rugged, stainless steel, ATEX and IECEx approved enclosure. The main enclosure is EExd flameproof with an integral, segregated, EExe increased safety terminal section. 

The hand-held communication unit can be connected in-situ via the intrinsically safe approved data port for prognostic and diagnostic maintenance. The Quasar 900 is approved to FM/FMC per Class I Div 1 Group B, C and D and Class I, II Div 1 Group E, F and G, and ATEX/IECEx per Ex d e ib [ib Gb] IIB + H2 T4 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db.

The Quasar 900 includes heated windows to eliminate condensation and icing, HART capability for digital communication and is designed to meet SIL2 per IEC61508 and FM performance approved per FM6325 and tested per EN60079-29-4.

Model Receiver Transmitter Installation distance
901 QR-X-11X QT-X-11X 23-66 ft / 7-20m
902 QR-X-11X QT-X-21X 50-132 ft / 15-40m
903 QR-X-11X QT-X-31X 115-330 ft / 35-100m
904 QR-X-11X QT-X-41X 265-660 ft / 80-200m