SGCP100– Bouton d’Alerte avec Protocole Radio Sagittarius Wireless Resettable Call PointSGCP100– Bouton d’Alerte avec Protocole Radio Sagittarius Wireless Resettable Call Point

Wireless Resettable Call Point Sagittarius

Wireless Resettable Call Point Sagittarius SGCP100 - Argus Security

SGCP100 - Wireless Resettable Call Point Sagittarius

The wireless resettable call point is a wall-mounted device that, when activated, initiates an alarm on the fire security system.
In order to operate, this device requires an analogue control panel, a wire to wireless communication protocol translator module and, if necessary, one or more wireless expander module to extend the area coverage of the wireless sub-system. Communication between the wireless call point and the translator or expander modules is wireless and uses the proprietary 'Sagittarius' protocol.
After its use the call point unit can be simply reset with its proper key, making it immediately ready for reactivation: as a matter of fact this device offers the final user the practical benefits and advantages of a reusable device.

Same product with other reference : RSM-CP


- Designed to meet the standard EN54-11 and EN54-25
- The wireless resettable call point is equipped with a bicolor LED (red/green) that provides visual indication for functional conditions and battery levels
- If a battery fault condition is detected on the wireless resettable call point, a fault message is sent to the control panel via translator / expander. This kind of fault condition is locally signaled by the module's visual LED indicator
- The wireless resettable call point is provided with a tamper detection switch-spring system, and, in case of removal of the cover from its
box, it sends a tamper detection message to the control panel


  • Communication range with the translator or expander : 200 m (in open space) *
  • Operating frequency range : 868.15 MHz - 869.85 MHz
  • Modulation type : FSK
  • Operating frequency channels : 7
  • Radiated power : 5 dBm (3 mW) Typical
  • Main battery ** : Type CR123A (3 Vdc) 5 years typical ***
  • Secondary battery ** : Type CR2032A (3 Vdc) 2 months typical ***
  • Max tolerated humidity (no condensing) : 95% RH
  • Operating temperature range : From -30°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions : 86 mm x 86 mm x 59 mm
  • Weight : 186 grams (without batteries)

* Ideal operating range: may vary consistently according to environmental conditions.
** When a low battery condition is indicated, both, main and secondary, batteries must be changed altogether.
*** Theses lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signal transmission period of 12 seconds.

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