SGWE– Interface d’Extension de la Couverture Radio - Extenseur Sagittarius Wireless Expander ModuleSGWE– Interface d’Extension de la Couverture Radio - Extenseur Sagittarius Wireless Expander Module

Wireless Expander Module Sagittarius

Wireless Expander Module Sagittarius SGWE - Argus Security

SGWE - Wireless Expander Module Sagittarius

The wireless expander is a module that is linked to a translator module or to another expander module permitting to expand the area coverage of the wireless system and / or permitting to install the wireless system in difficult radio environments.
Communication and data exchange between the expanders, between the expander an its child devices and between the expander and its system translator is exclusively wireless via the Sagittarius bidirectional protocol.
The expander module can be easily configured through (and solely) the Wirelex-Fire configuration software run on a personal computer; the computer is connected to the expander module through an RS232 serial cable.
Unlike the vast majority of wireless devices, the expander module is powered by an external power source and not by batteries.

Same product with other reference : RSM-EXP


- Bi-directional communication (transceiver)
- 868 MHz band (conforms to e.t.s.i. EN 300-220-1)
- FSK modulation
- Multi-channel (up to 7 channels)
- Automatic management of power transmission
- Double orthogonal antennas to guarantee reliable and secure communication
- Immediate transmission signals from field device: alarm, fault and tamper
- Externally powered
- Flexible on site devise adjustment


  • Communication range with other expanders or the system's translator : 600 meters (in open space)
  • Communication range with wireless child devices : 200 meters (in open space)
  • Maximum number of expanders programmable on a single translator : 7
  • Maximum number of expanders connected sequentially one after another : 5
  • Maximum number of expanders connected to another single one : 3
  • Operating frequency : 868 MHz
  • Radio operating channels : 7
  • Radiated power : 5 dBm (3 mW)
  • Power supply voltage range : 9 Vdc - 27 Vdc
  • Primary and backup power supply voltage's lower fault threshold : 11 +/- 0.5 Vdc
  • Expander current consumption : 40 mA at 12 Vdc
  • Operating temperature range : -30 °C - +50 °C
  • Expander's weight : 300 g
  • Expander's dimensions (with antennas) : 190 mm x 230 mm x 50 mm
  • Expander's dimensions (without antennas) : 120 mm x 160 mm x 50 mm
  • Ingress protection rating : IP 51C

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