Wireless Control Panel integrated with GSM/GPRS Transmitter CPX200NW

Wireless Control Panel kit integrated with GSM/GPRS Transmitter, PIR, Magnetic contact, Remote control, Keyboard and antenna included CPX200NW EBS
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CPX200NW - Wireless Control Panel Kit integrated with GSM/GPRS Transmitter, PIR, Magnetic contact and Remote control - EBS

The CPX200N control panel is a device that meets the basic requirements for the protection of a small and medium-sized objects. Simple functionality, service and fast installation are the main advantages of our control panel. Small dimensions and modern design of keypad, 7 zones possible to grouping into two partitions make CPX200N one of the best solution on the market.
For more demanding , we created a CALYPSO system that reliably meets the requirements of more complex objects. Both panels support up to 3 keypads, so the alarm can be armed / disarmed from 3 different places. It is important especially in offices, service points where there are backdoors or in single-family houses with balcony doors, garages. With our control panels you can also configure SMS messages, that will be sent to 10 different users.

Wireless sensors integrated with CALYPSO system:

The MC-10 wireless magnetic contact allows detection of opening doors/windows.
Low power consumption
Supervisory signal every 15 minut
Tamper signal if open cover
Battery status control (low-power signal)
Max transmission distance: 300 m (open space)
Size: detector 85x26x32 mm / magnet 64x13x13 mm

The PIR-10 wireless motion detector allow a motion detection in restricted areas.
Lithium battery 3V: life cycle 12 months in normal working conditions.
Dual passive infrared detection technology.
Temperature compensation.
Improved immunity to false alarms.
Improved resistance to white light interference (optical Fresnel lens).
Improved resistance to fluorescence interference.
Supervisory signal every 15 min.
Low power consumption.
Battery status control (low-power signal)
Max transmission distance: 300 m (open space)
Size: 105x58x38 mm

RC-10 Remote control with four programmable buttons.