40/40-VID - Détecteur de Flamme IR3 Vidéo Spectrex - Visual IR3 Flame Detector40/40-VID - Détecteur de Flamme IR3 Vidéo Spectrex - Visual IR3 Flame Detector

Visual IR3 Flame Detector 40-40-VID

Visual Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector - SS316 Explosion Proof enclosure in standard 40/40-VID SharpEye Spectrex

40/40-VID - Visual Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector SS316 Explosion Proof enclosure - Spectrex

The Spectrex 40/40VID provides superior flame detection capabilities at up to 215ft (65m) and the highest immunity to false alarms at all times, irrespective of external conditions such as extreme weather and environmental illumination. This is achieved by combining the power of IR3 flame detection with advanced video analysis technology. The IR3 flame detector identifies the unique infrared spectral signature emitted by a hydrocarbon fire, while the smart video provides picture analysis of the real-time video feed in order to interpret flame characteristics. The 40/40VID can be connected to the CCTV system, providing remote surveillance capabilities to display the protected area in high quality, with clear markings of the area of the fire(s). This combination allows you to differentiate between real fires and other radiant sources, while obtaining actual fire size and location, helping you to select the best response to the situation (including activation of fire suppression systems).
Spectrex Inc. is a technology leader in Optical Flame and Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD). Our patented optical UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs, and pioneering patented Xenon Flash designs in OPGD detectors are now the standard for Oil and Gas projects. All Spectrex products can operate in the toughest conditions, from African deserts to Alaskan waters and are fully approved to relevant third-party Ex hazardous area, performance and reliability standards for the wide range of application challenges, worldwide.

Standard enclosure : SS316 



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