TRIBO-4 - Détecteur de Vibration 2 x 250m - Vibration Sensor 2 x 250mTRIBO-4 - Détecteur de Vibration 2 x 250m - Vibration Sensor 2 x 250m
TRIBO-4 - Détecteur de Vibration 2 x 250m - Vibration Sensor 2 x 250m
tribo-m protection

Vibration Sensor 2 x 250m TRIBO-4

2 wings of 3m to 250m Vibration Sensor TRIBO-4 - Forteza

TRIBO-4 - Two wings 3-250m Vibration Sensor - FORTEZA

The sensor is intended for the protection of wire mesh or lattice fence from climbing over or destruction.
The sensor is used on sites with irregular perimeter shape, i.e. when it is not reasonable from the economic point of view to use microwave sensors or it is impossible to provide the
exclusion zone for microwave sensors.
The software connected via USB interfaces allows to monitor the state of the sensor, control its parameters, configure it taking into account the conditions of the given protected site.
The sensor has two wings. Every wing contains two sensing elements fixed to the fence. The sensing elements are connected to the processing unit. Every sensing element is configured separately using the software. Like this we increase significantly the interference immunity. We use special cable for the sensing element. It assures the reliability of the sensor specifications, high detection probability and interference immunity.
Nearby trees and moving of people and transport near the protected boundary do not affect the sensor performance.
The sensor does not radiate anything if compared with other active sensors. So it is considered passive.

TRIBO-4 - Two wings 3-250m Vibration Sensor - FORTEZA

Creation of the detection zoneof the sensor TRIBO-4


Range : 2 wings; 3 - 250 m each
Number of sensing elements : 4 (two on each wing)
Height of the protected fence : up to 3 m
Supply voltage : 9 to 36 V
Current consumption : 0,014 А
Detection probability : not less than 0,98
Operational temperature : -50 to +50 °С
Housing protection level : IP-55
Alarm output : relay contacts
Interfaces : USB
Dimensions : 265х150х60 mm
Weight : 1,3 kg


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