UV/IR universal test torch Talentum-16091

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UV/IR universal test torch Talentum-16091
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Talentum-16091 - UV/IR universal test torch - FFE

The Talentum 16091 is a microprocessor based flame simulator for the testing of UV or IR or UV-IR flame detectors. It eliminates the need to use a flame. This unit is designed to generate a wide range of optical output signals, including various channels of infra-red to test dual infra-red detectors. It can also emit 'flickering' infra-red signal to test for false alarms.

Flame detector characteristics

Most optical flame sensors respond to Ultra Violet (UV) and or Infra Red (IR) radiation emitted from flames during combustion. Many sensors also use flame flicker techniques to distinguish between flames and other optical false sources. 
The test unit simulates the flickering flame signal by modulating the output of a filament lamp. The thermal time constant of a filament lamp prevents the generation of a perfect flame flicker signal.
The slow response of the filament lamp will mean that some flame sensors many require more time to activate under test than they would with a real flame.


The unit is intended for service engineers to use when performing commissioning and routine maintenance. As the test unit does not have an (Ex) approval for hazardous areas, a permit would be required to check a detector in such areas.
The service engineer could also carry a portable flammable gas alarm to indicate if the area is safe for testing.


Wide spectral output - UV, Visible, Near IR, Mid-IR
Tests many flame sensors types - UV, UV/IR, UV/IR², IR³, IR², IR
Portable with rechargeable NiCd battery pack and charger
Selectable optical output type
- Constant illumination
- Regular flashing sources (Range of frequencies)
- Irregular flickering sources (Resembling flames)
Selectable optical output intensity with LED bar graph indication
Range typically 3 metres and beyond
30 Second timeout on each test
Auxiliary 24 VDC supply for testing


Ziton Refernce : FF703


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