SOLO 110 - Perche télescopique d’accès Urbain 1,75m No Climb - 1.75 m Urban Telescopic PoleSOLO 110 - Perche télescopique d’accès Urbain 1,75m No Climb - 1.75 m Urban Telescopic Pole

Urban Telescopic Pole 1.75 m SOLO 110

Urban Telescopic Pole 1.75 Metres SOLO 110 No Climb Products
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468,37 €
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Solo 110 - 1.75 m Urban Telescopic Access Poles No Climb Products

The Solo 110 Access Pole offers safe access to detectors installed at heights of up to 3 metres. Solo poles should always be held vertically when raising or lowering. Ensure that all extension poles and test tool buttons are locked into position before extension and use. The maximum working height using Solo 110 & Solo 111 poles is 4.5 metres for Solo and Testifire. This is achieved using 1 x Solo 110 telescopic pole and a maximum of 3 x Solo 111 extension poles. It is recommended to stand directly under the detector.


  • Extends to 1.75 metres to provide maximum reach of 3 metres
  • Can be used with up to 3 Solo 111 extension poles
  • Pull-wound glass fibre construction
  • Designed certified non-conductive
  • Simple locking mechanism
  • Compatible with the Solo 612 Pole Bag
  • Urban telescopic and extension poles are half the length of conventional poles




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