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SSS4A - Transmetteur Exd LCD boitier 4 entrées Aluminum - Transmitter Exd LCD Aluminum enclosure 4 entriesSSS4A - Transmetteur Exd LCD boitier 4 entrées Aluminum - Transmitter Exd LCD Aluminum enclosure 4 entries

Transmitter Exd SIL2 Aluminum enclosure LCD SSS4A11

Transmitter Exd SIL2 Aluminum enclosure, 4 entries, copper free, Electronic with1 output RS+4-20mA, LCD display - Zone 1 areas SMART S-SS SSS4A11 Sensitron

SSS4A11 - Transmitter Exd Aluminum enclosure, 4 entries, copper free, 1 output RS485 and 4-20mA, LCD display - SMART S-SS

SMART S-MS (Marine & SIL) line allows monitoring toxic and flammable gases in harsh environments.
Designed to offer increased resistance to corrosive elements, this range of products is ideal for marine application.
SMART S-MS offer SIL2 Hardware, SIL3 software approved capability and can detect flammable compounds (%LFL), toxic compounds (ppm) and Oxygen contents for both its depletion and enrichment.
They offer a complete range of sensor heads for all applications: the SMART S-HEAD line has been designed to offer a wide range of alternatives that grant customers the best solution to their requirements.
Pellistor sensors employed for all flammable gas detection, included hydrocarbons, ammonia, hydrogen, fuel and petrol vapours, show an excellent output linearity up to 100% LFL.
For aggressive atmospheres, where the Pellistor functionality might be seriously compromised by the presence of inhibitors or poisons, Sensitron proposes a range of industrial grade Infrared sensors: IR sensors are immune from poisoning and this guarantees a higher accuracy and a longer lifetime.
For the toxic gas detection, Sensitron has operated a reliable selection among the most performing electrochemical cells to supply units representing the state of the art in toxic gas detection.
The detectors can be housed in alloy or stainless steel enclosures.


• Detection of flammable gases, toxic gases and Oxygen
• SIL 2(3) (EN50402 EN61508 part 1-7 TUV-SUD certified)
• IP 65 (optional IP67)
• Alloy or stainless steel version
• EN 60079-29-1 performance (CESI02ATEX084) 
• Output 4-20 mA 3 wires & RS485 Modbus
• Wide range of sensors and detectable gases
• Hart modem with 3-relay card (optional)
• 3-relay output (optional)
• Certifcations: IECEx, ATEX II2G &SIL 2(3)


• Petrochemical Plants
• Compressor stations and gas turbines
• Pharmaceutical industry
• LNG/LPG storage facilities
• Marine application



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