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Testifire-XTR2-6M - Kit de Test pour détecteurs de fumée et de chaleur 6m - Smoke and Heat Detector Testing Kit 6mTestifire-XTR2-6M - Kit de Test pour détecteurs de fumée et de chaleur 6m - Smoke and Heat Detector Testing Kit 6m

Smoke-Heat Test and Removal Kit 6m Testifire XTR2-6M

Smoke/Heat Test and Removal Kit (6m) Testifire-XTR2-6M-001 No Climb Products
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Total without tax: 2548,93 €

Testifire XTR2-6M - All-In-One Connected Smoke/Heat Detector and Removal Kit 6m - No Climb Products

Testifire XTR2 is the next generation of our popular Testifire product, however it is much more than just a functional test tool. Testifire XTR2 has compliance at its core, its unique features enable compliant testing to be carried out and, via an App and supporting cloud-portal, ensure test results can be recorded automatically at the time of test – giving fire service managers and building owners the ultimate proof of test.

What’s in the report?

The test report is automatically generated on-site once the final detector has been tested. It’s then immediately available for viewing by the relevant team members at the service company and then be sent to the client along with any other relevant documentation. The report combines all the data needed to prove testing has taken place and confirms the status of each detector, automatically highlighting any areas of concern at the top of the document.


  • Works with the Detectortesters-connect App
  • Auto generates test report
  • Features clearing mode to eliminate repeat alarms
  • High heat setting allows for testing of heat detectors set to 100°c
  • Auto LED torch for testing in dark areas

Includes :
1 x Testifire XTR2 Smoke/Heat Kit
1 x Solo 100 Fibreglass Telescopic Access Pole 4.5m (15 feet)
1 x Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal Tool
1 x Solo 610 Protective Carrying/Storage Bag

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