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Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kit 9m Testifire 9001

Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit 9m Testifire 9001 No Climb products
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2212,00 €
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Testifire9001 - Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kit 9m - No Climb products

Testifire 1000 Series is the world's first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and multi-stimulus detectors. Both smoke and heat stimuli are created in a single test unit, and delivered individually, or - for the first time - simultaneously; in whichever combination are required.
Testifire does this without using pressurised cans of gas or other hazardous goods. Stimuli (Smoke and Heat) are generated at the time of test using safe and patented processes fuelled by replaceable capsules.

Testifire 9001 - 001 Smoke and Heat Detector Testing and Removal Kit Includes:

1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
2 x Solo 770-001 High Capacity Battery Baton
1 x Solo 727-001 Multi Voltage Fast High Capacity Charger
1 x Solo 100-001 Fibreglass Telescopic Access Pole 4.5 metres (15 feet)
3 x Solo 101-001 Fibreglass Extension Pole 1.13 metres (4 ft)
1 x Solo 200-001 Universal Detector Removal Tool
1 x Solo 610-001 Protective Carrying / Storage Bag


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