Scorpion Wall Mounted Control Panel SCORP8000

Scorpion Wall Mounted Control Panel SCORP8000-001 No Climb products
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SCORP8000 - Scorpion Wall Mounted Control Panel - No Climb products

Scorpion is an innovative solution for functionally testing any hard-to-access smoke detector, whether that is a point detector or aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system.
A Scorpion head unit is a smoke generator which is installed next to a detector, and when required, generates smoke which is directed towards the detector for a functional test of the device.
Scorpion makes testing detectors in lift shafts, warehouses, factories, or secure areas as simple as testing a detector within easy reach. It aids compliance with international codes and standards, and means that all detectors in a building can be functionally tested at every maintenance interval, regardless of their physical location.


- Eliminates disruption
- Lift remains available for use during testing
- No third party company required – e.g. lift engineer
- No requirement for out of hours working
- Quicker test period
- No deviations from test standards
- Keeps secure areas secure
- Eliminates disruption
- No access equipment necessary e.g. cherry pickers, scissor lifts
- All areas remain accessible during testing
- Quicker test period
- No deviations from test standards
- No access equipment necessary
- Health and safety issues avoided
- Quicker test period
- Avoids problems related to access to confined spaces
- Potential damage to building infrastructure avoided
- Quicker test period
- Eliminates disruption
- No deviations from test standards


Lift shafts
IT Server Rooms, Archives
High Atria
Void Spaces




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