Scorpion Point Detector Head Unit Kit SCORP1001

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Scorpion Point Detector Head Unit Kit SCORP1001-001 No Climb products
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SCORP1001 - Scorpion Point Detector Head Unit Kit - No Climb products

Scorpion®Point is a unique, functional remote smoke detector test system that assists compliance with codes and standards for testing fire detection systems, while delivering radical time, cost and disruption savings along with considerable enhancements to safety.
Detectors that cannot be accessed (or perhaps even seen) are often those most relied upon to function. In many cases they have, until now, either been overlooked and untested, or the cost of their maintenance has greatly affected lifetime cost and even system design. By eliminating the need for access equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, scaffolding etc., to carry out routine testing, Scorpion saves both disruption and financial cost and rapidly pays for itself.
Scorpion Point also suits smoke-activated door closing systems.


  • Smoke generation tailored for both functional testing of point type smoke detectors and ASD systems
  • Adjustable smoke time to suit characteristics of system under test
  • Clearing function enables quicker reset and reduced repeat alarms




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