Scorpion ASD Head Unit Kit SCORP2001

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Scorpion ASD Head Unit Kit SCORP2001-001 No Climb products
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SCORP2001 - Scorpion ASD Head Unit Kit - No Climb products

Scorpion®ASD is a unique, functional remote smoke detector test system for Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Systems that solves a number of long standing challenges, assists compliance with codes and standards and delivers radical time, cost and disruption savings.
Traditional post commissioning ASD testing is generally performed by trying to introduce a test smoke (often of inappropriate suitability or even questionable quality) into individual sampling points. Not only can this be highly impractical but it can also contaminate an ASD system. Scorpion offers an approved, benign and effectively non-contaminating test particulate delivered in a controlled and repeatable manner.
With Scorpion permanently positioned at the end of a pipe run, a controlled and consistent stimulus is introduced for each test throughout the system lifetime. By recording the moment of Scorpion activation and the moment of alarm signal, the transport time can be measured. Comparing this against the retained commissioning data, previous tests and acceptable tolerances, judgments can be made regarding the integrity of the aspirating system.


  • Smoke generation tailored for functional testing of ASD systems and point type smoke detectors
  • Adjustable smoke time to suit characteristics of system under test
  • Transport time function to monitor ongoing ASD system performance




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