SENTOX IDI+ - Centrale Détection Gaz 32 Détecteurs Adressables RS485 - ATEX et SIL1 Sensitron RS485 Gas Control Panel Sentox IDI+SENTOX IDI+ - Centrale Détection Gaz 32 Détecteurs Adressables RS485 - ATEX et SIL1 Sensitron RS485 Gas Control Panel Sentox IDI+

RS485 Gas Control Panel Sentox IDI+

ATEX and SIL1 up to 32 Addressable Detectors RS485 Gas Control Panel Sensitron Sentox IDI+

SENTOX IDI+ - 32 Addressable Detectors RS485 Gas Control Panel - ATEX et SIL1 Sensitron

The gas control panel SENTOX IDI+ has been designed for car parks and light industrial applications and can be connected to 32 SMART3G, SMART3 NC or LCR3 PK IDI detectors connected to the control panel via RS485 bus.
On the SENTOX IDI+ front plate, an OLED Pictiva 96x64 high brightness display provides an ongoing reading of the concentration being measured and, in case of an alarm, the alarm threshold attained and the respective channel.
Each threshold or function is visualised by a double LEDs raw.
Acknowledge, Reset, and Set functions can be actived by 3 push buttons placed nearby the LED's.
The display shows the highest gas concentration reached by each detector being connected.
SENTOX IDI+ is provided with 4 output relays, three are associated to the alarm thresholds and one to Fault.
The panel also features the implementation of further 32 optional outputs via 2 ST.G/OUT16 remote cards.
The unit comes into an IP65 ABS cabinet, complete with 24VDC, 3A power supply and offers the possibility to allocate 2 back-up batteries max 12V 7Ah.


- Real time reading of flammable, toxic and oxygen contents
- Up to 32 gas detectors daisy chained to one RS485 loop
- 5 relay outputs
- Ideal for small plants
- ATEX and SIL1 certified


  • Housing : ABS box
  • Dimensions : 486 x 288 x 148 mm
  • IP rating : IP65
  • Standard power supply : 220VAC +/-10%
  • Inputs : 32 addressable gas detectors on loop RS485
  • Outputs : 3 relay with SPDT contacts
  • Contact rating : 1A 24VDC 60VA
  • Display : OLED Pictiva 96x64
  • Front panel indications : 3 for Alarm thresholds, 1 for Fault, 1 for powered unit.
  • Alarm thresholds : 3 (warning, pre-alarm and alarm)
  • Accuracy : +/- 1 digit
  • Operating temperature : 0 to +55°C
  • Storage temperature : from -20°C to +70°C
  • Relative humidity : 15 to 85% non-condensing
  • Warm-up time : 120"
  • Compatible with gas detectors : SMART3G-D2, SMART3G-C2, SMART3G-D3, SMART3G-C3, SMART3 NC, LCR3 PK


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