R407C Gas Detector SMART3-H-FM LITE S4671R407C

SKU: S4671R407C
R407C Gas Detector 0-5000 ppm 90-240 Vac - Infrared sensor - SMART3-H-FM LITE for non classified area S4671R407C Sensitron
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S4671R407C - R-407C Gas Detector 0-5000 PPM, 90-240Vac - Infrared sensor - SMART3-H-FM LITE

S4671R407C SMART3-H-FM LITE refrigerant gas detectors are employed to detect refrigerant R-407C compounds (PPM) in non classified areas.

SMART3-H-FM LITE have been designed to offer a flush mount solution for refrigerant gases to be detected in hotels or residential buildings. The detectors employ a unique cost-effective IR sensor and provide RS485 communication and two pre-set relay outputs.
The detector is rated to IP 42.


  • standard flush-mounting box 3 modules
  • 2 pre-set output relays at 1000 ppm & 2000 ppm
  • RS485 communication (0-20%LFL and 0-5000 ppm)
  • Standard ranges: 0-20% LFL and 0-5000 ppm
  • LED indication & internal buzzer for audible warning
  • Ongoing system self-diagnosis
  • Standard 90-240 Vac or 12-24 Vdc

SMART3-H LITE satisfy the following standards:

  • EN 378-3
  • EN14624
  • EN 50676
  • IEC 60335-2-40 Annex LL
  • ISO 5149-3
  • F-Gas Regulation

Gas Detector type : refrigerant R-407c Gas detector