LC2 Card - Carte de Communication ligne téléphonique PSTN - PSTN Telephone Receiver CardLC2 Card - Carte de Communication ligne téléphonique PSTN - PSTN Telephone Receiver Card

PSTN Telephone Receiver Card LC2 Card

PSTN Telephone Receiver Card LC2 Card - ASC Global

LC2 Card - PSTN Telephone Receiver Card - ASC Global

Each Line Card (LC2) can monitor a telephone line. The Line Cards contain a 500-event event memory to record events and caller information. Caller Identification capability is built-in and the telephone number of the calling party can be displayed, printed, stored in memory and forwarded to the automation computer. The Line Cards also support the 2-way audio listen-in.
The Line Cards are continuously supervised by the CPM Unit to ensure uninterrupted communication. Any trouble conditions are immediately reported on the LCD screen and printer and/or forwarded to the computer. The Line Card also verifies the communication with the CPM Unit. In case of CPM malfunction the operator will be advised with an audible indication and the Line Cards will continue to function in stand-alone mode - it will continue receiving events and store them in its buffer. The events will be forwarded to the CPM Unit after the connection restores. Line cards support 2-way audio connection.


  • Multiformat receiver for analog telephone lines (PSTN)
  • Various pulse, DTMF and SIA FSK formats supported
  • Caller ID support
  • 2-way audio support



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