PSTN Telephone Dialer 4 in, 4 msg, 4 num

PSTN Telephone Dialer 4 inputs, 4 messages, 4 phone numbers 12VDC SD1E
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SD1E+FR - PSTN Telephone Dialer Four Inputs, Four Voice Messages, Four Phone Numbers

The SD1+ is the interface between the alarm control panel and the telephone line. It does not affect other telephone terminals. However, in the event of an alarm, it will interrupt a call in progress on a down-circuit terminal. The power supply is usually provided by the alarm control panel.
The SD1+ has up to four trigger inputs (A, B, C, D) for A - Fire, B - Personal attack, C - Burglary, D - Failure, for example. These inputs are either connected to the control panel or directly activated by means of an alarm contact. In the event of an alarm, the SD1+ sends the relevant alarm message to up to four alarm telephone numbers, depending on the activated alarm input.


- Works in conjunction with all quality control panels
- 8 character Starburst LCD display
- Up to 40 seconds recording time
- Integral microphone and loudspeaker
- Call abort
- Passcode protection for programmed information
- All information stored in NVM (Non Volatile Memory)
- Dials any combination of 4 telephone numbers
- Delivers 1 location message and 4 other messages which can be re-recorded as often as required
- CTR21 Pan European approved
- SD1+.E can be used with fire systems
- Manufactured to comply with R & TTE directive


  • Dimensions (w*h*d) : 150 * 104 * 30mm
  • Weight (packed) : 282g
  • Environment : -10°C to +40°C
  • Input voltage : 11.5 - 14V DC
  • Dialler current : 35mA (standby) 70mA (active)
  • Trigger inputs : A, B, C, D +ve or -ve applied, max 24V
  • Phrase length : (A, B, C, D, 0) Variable
  • Message length : Max 40 seconds
  • REN value : 0
  • Dialling method : LD or DTMF (auto switching)