VPU1000– Unité de Programmation pour Détecteurs VEGA, Programming Unit VEGAVPU1000– Unité de Programmation pour Détecteurs VEGA, Programming Unit VEGA

Programming Unit VEGA

Programming Unit VEGA
169,09 €
169,09 €
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VPU1000 - Programming Unit VEGA

This product permits to set and read various parameters stored in the devices of the analogue-intelligent and the enhanced conventional series family. Connection to the devices is made through the adaptator base of the programming unit for the detectors or through a plug-in cable (supplied with the product) for all other devices (only for the analogue-intelligent series).
The user can interact with the programming unit by using its in-built keypad and display; through this interface the user navigates through a menu-based set of options and commands, permitting him to program certain parameters on the devices or to read data from them.

The programming unit can be used, for example, to:
- read and set an analogue address on a device,
- activate or deactivate input or output channels on a multi-module device,
- determine the firmware version of a device and so on.


- Powered by a 9V battery
- Menu driven hand held programming tool for Vega devices.
- Detectors are directly mounted on the VPU100 for manual addressing.
- Modules, call point and sounders are addressed via a plug in cable.


  • Power supply battery specifications : 6LR61 type, 9 V
  • Operating temperature range : from -30© to +70°C
  • Maximum tolerated relative humidity : 95% RH (no condensation)
  • Weight : 200 grams


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