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PTL-611 - Lampe de Test Portable pour détecteur de flamme IR - Test Lamp for IR Flame detectorPTL-611 - Lampe de Test Portable pour détecteur de flamme IR - Test Lamp for IR Flame detector

Portable Test Lamp for RIV-601

Portable Test Lamp for RIV-601/F and RIV-601P/F and IR Flame Detectors - PTL-611 - Control Logic
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PTL-611 - Portable Test Lamp for IR Flame Detectors - Control Logic

The PTL-611 Portable Test Lamp is a plastic ATEX (zone 1-2, 21-22) shock-proof torch lamp with high intensity light which is modulated at a frequency of 23Hz so as to be used for external testing of RIV-601/F and RIV-601P/F IR Flame Detectors, as an alternative to the internal test feature built-in inside these detectors.
The working distance is over 10 meters, normally adequate for most common applications.
The Portable Test Lamp is powered by 2 non rechargeable alkaline batteries size D (LR20) with an autonomy of more than 12 hours.
The lamp is turned on by a slide switch on the side.


Xenon filled filament bulb lamp 2.4V – 0.7A (spare lamp included).
Light beam aperture about 5 degrees.
Modulation by 50% pulses (50% on, 50% off) with 23Hz frequency.
Operating distance from detector over 10 meters.
Powered by 2 non rechargeable alkaline batteries size D (LR20), autonomy of more than 12 hours, not included.
IP67 protection.
Ex II 2GD Ex eb ib IIB T4 Gb Ex tb IIIC T95°C Db ATEX certified (zone 1 and zone 2 gas, zone 21 and zone 22 dust).
Operating temperature -20°C +40°C.
Dimensions 200x85x60mm.
Gross weight 300 grams.


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