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B401 Socle pour détecteur System Sensor - Plug-In Detector BaseB401 Socle pour détecteur System Sensor - Plug-In Detector Base

Plug-In Detector Base B401

Plug-In Detector Base for System Sensor Conventional Detectors, Morley-IAS B401

B401 - Plug-In Detector Base for SYSTEM SENSOR Conventional Detectors

This B401 plug-in detector base is used with System Sensor smoke and heat detector heads. The capability of plugging these detectors into a variety of special bases makes them more versatile than equivalent direct-wired models. Refer to the System Sensor catalog for other available plug-in detector bases.
The B401 base is intended for use in 2-wire systems, with screw terminals provided for power and remote annunciator connections.

For use with the following detectors:
US Models: 1151, 1451, 2151, 2451, 2451TH, 5451
European Models: 1151E, 1451E, 2151E, 2451E, 5451E
Australian Models: 1151AUS, 1451AUS, 2151AUS, 2451AUS, 4451AUS, 5451AUS, 51A51, 51B51, 51C51, 51D51