Oxygen portable monitor ClipSens O2

SKU: CS-001-00
Portable Oxygen Detector, O2 Detector 0-30% Vol ClipSens O2 - Sensotran
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CS-001-00 -  Oxygen Portable Monitor 0 to 30% Vol ClipSens - Sensotran

ClipSens O2 is a single gas monitor for Oxygen measurement. Very lightweight and small, it has an alligator clip to wear it on the pocket or helmet.
Three alarm notification methods, flashing, acoustic and vibration, will provide warning in any alarm event. The datalogging stores the last 30 events, including any verification, alarm and adjustment event. The events are easily downloadable with the Sensotran IR Link or also with the Docking Station.
This station automatically performs the process every time the equipment is verified, saving the events in a USB memory, which can be connected to PC. The data can also be downloaded via the Sensotran IR Link.
ClipSens can be manually verified, or automatically with the Docking Station which can verify four devices simultaneously (up to 12 devices per minute), reducing downtime and gas consumption.


• Disposable
• Lightweight and Compact
• Stores up to 30 events
• Maintenance Free
• 2 years use
• IP-67
• Rugged Rubber Case
• Configurable with SENSOTRAN IR Link
• Fastest Bump-Test with Docking Station
• Visual, loud and vibration alarm
• Docking Station can Bump Test and Calibrate 4 instruments simultaneously
• The lowest Bump-Test cost


  • Oil & Gas
  • Shut downs
  • Fuel storage parks
  • Water treatment plants
  • Mining industry
  • Construction
  • Homeland security and First responders
  • Food industry
  • Emergency response
  • Environmental
  • Industrial safety


 Gas Detector type : Oxygen detector, O2 Gas detector