ECO1003 Détecteur Optique Conventionnel - Optical Conventional DetectorECO1003 Détecteur Optique Conventionnel - Optical Conventional Detector

Optical Conventional Detector ECO1003

ECO1000 Series Photoelectric Conventional smoke detector with Bosec approval ECO1003 System Sensor, Morley-IAS

ECO1003 - Optical Conventional Smoke Detector with BOSEC approval SYSTEM SENSOR

The ECO1003 photoelectric smoke detector’s chamber has been specifically designed to be highly tolerant to the long term build-up of dust and other airborne contaminants. This high level of immunity significantly reduces the potential for unwanted alarms caused by settled dust increasing the detector’s sensitivity. Additional immunity to unwanted alarms arising from shortlived transients is also provided through the use of special signal processing. The end result is an extremely stable detector with the potential to extend significantly the period before cleaning is required.

Simple Routine Testing
Traditionally routine testing involved physical access to the installed unit, a time-consuming procedure often requiring the use of step ladders or long poles. The ECO1000 can be tested from ground level using a laser based remote alarm test unit. The modulated laser beam is directed at the detector's LED; the unit responds to the commands and latches into alarm. What could be simpler?


- Bosec approved
- Microprocessor based products provide a more intelligent solution
- Special algorithms provide both a constant sensitivity level between service intervals and eliminate spurious alarms resulting from electrical noise
- Photo–thermal model provides outstanding protection
- Laser-based remote test unit – no need for ladders and towers
- EN54 Certified (2000 edition)
- Photoelectric, photo–thermal and thermal detectors
- Improved chamber design minimises the effects of dust contamination
- 8 to 30VDC operating voltage range provides compatibility with both fire and security systems
- -30 to +70°C operating temperature range
- Choice of bases (including a 12V relay version)
- Automatic drift compensation

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