Optical and acoustical Remote Indicator AI673

Optical and acoustical Remote Indicator, Low current consumption - AI673 UTC Fire & Security

AI673 - Optical and Acoustical Remote Indicator, Low current consumption - UTC Fire & Security

The stylish Aritech AI672 and AI673 optical and optical/acoustic alarm indicators have been designed for use with most types of addressable and conventional alarm detectors. The AI670 series is used in a 'conventional' mode and simply require DC power for operation.
These alarm indicators are available in  versions, each of which have the same modern housing design suitable for indoor environments. The AI672 is an optical alarm indicator and has two, clearly visible, 10 mm red flashing LEDs to communicate alarms. The AI673 is the optical and acoustic version, providing both visible and audible signals that are required in some applications.


- Wide operating voltage
- Low current consumption
- Universal mounting plate
- Low profile
- Clearly visible, large LEDs
- Protected against polarity reversal
- Connects up to 4 detectors
- Blinking or fixed LEDs
- High sound output
- With and without sounder


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