Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector S2399ND

SKU: S2399ND
Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector, NO2 Gas Detector 0-30 ppm RS485 serial output - Electrochemical cell - SMART P-1 Sensitron Dust Proof Enclosure for Car Parks S2399ND
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S2399ND - NITROGEN DIOXIDE gas Detector (NO2) 0-30 ppm, RS485 serial output - Electrochemical cell - Dust Proof Enclosure SMART P-1 for Car Parks

Designed to fulfil the new European Standard for gas detection in car parks, the SMART P-1 gas detectors provide a serial RS485.

The SMART P-1 employ electrochemical cells for the detection of CO or NO2.

To meet with the standard in full, these detectors are to be connected to MULTISCAN++PARK gas control panels.