Monitoring Alarm Station Receiver Enigma II

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Monitoring Alarm Station Receiver (base unit) without Line Cards Enigma II - ASC Global
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Enigma II - Monitoring Alarm Station Receiver (base unit) without Line Cards - ASC Global

The ENIGMA II digital receiver is the universal solution for all burglary and fire monitoring stations.

The ENIGMA is a multi-line, multi-format digital receiver for commercial fire and burglary monitoring. The standard unit consists of a CPM Central Processing Card, two LC Line Cards and a PWR Power Card. With additional Line Cards, the receiver can be enabled to monitor up to 8 telephone lines. The ENIGMA II DR-81000 can receive and decode most of the popular and commonly used communication formats.
The ENIGMA stores all events with time and date stamped. All information is displayed on the large LCD screen, and the events may be printed and/or forwarded to a computer. To ensure security, all programming functions, including the adjustment of the real time clock and date is password protected.
The Central Processing Unit (CPM2) controls the operation of the receiver. The CPM Unit incorporates two serial ports, a high-speed USB port, and an Ethernet interface for computer connection and one parallel printer port. The CPM Unit has two external inputs, one for external acknowledge, and one for tamper recognition. The CPM Unit features a 2000-event non-volatile memory buffer. The contents of the buffer may be browsed on the LCD screen. If the printer or computer is off-line, the CPM2 Card will store the incoming events in its buffer, and will automatically forward them, when the connection restores. The CPM2 controls the large graphical LCD display of the receiver, which enables it to implement unique, user friendly features like changeable display font sizes, full line card control, and easy-to-use manual programming.
Connectors: 2 serial ports RS-232, 1 printer serial port, 2 USB ports ( compatible with USB 2.0), 1 100 Mbps Ethernet port,
Other attributes: 2 programmable input on CPM2, large graphical LCD display; constant phone line monitoring; fits in rack socket.
Protocols supported:
3/1, 4/2 formats with or without parity and 4/1 without parity for pulse formats at 10..40 bps
4/1, 4/2, 4/3 DTMF formats
3/2 and 4/1 with check sum, and extended formats optional
Acron DTMF format
Ademco Contact ID format
Ademco Super Fast or High Speed format with or without parity


  • Functional, stable and robust hardware receiver
  • Massive 19” rack housing
  • LCD display with 240x128 pixels
  • Power supply with backup (18Vdc main power / 12Vdc battery)
  • Bulit in IP card in base configuration (expandable)
  • 2 serial ports / USB connectors for PC connection
  • 1 radio card connector with 2 radio channels (optional)
  • 8 telephone line card connectors (optional)
  • Receiving 4/2, Contact ID and SIA format tel. messages
  • Receiving SIA DC-09, Enigma (E2) IP protocol messages
  • IP test code monitoring up to 255 accounts (expandable)
  • Client phone number and IP address display
  • Continuous checking of Internet connection
  • Remote programming (through IP network)
  • Event list monitoring from web browser
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128)
  • Two way radio communication with repeater unit
  • Local configuration through USB connector
  • Firmware update function
  • CE declaration, ISO 9001:2009 certificate
  • Excellent product support, development possiblities
  • Made in EU, proven quality 


Power supply : 18Vdc @ 2A (main) / 12Vdc @ 7Ah (battery)
Maximum current consumption : about 500mA (depends on configuration)
Event buffer : up to 2.000 events
Operating temperature : 10 °C / +30 °C, 40% relative humidity
Sizes (W / L / H) : 485 x 220 x 135 mm
Weight : 5200 g