Mini Line Simulator GSM transmitter EasyLine

Miniature Line Simulator GSM transmitter EasyLine GSM - TellSystem
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102,20 €
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EasyLine - Miniature Line Simulator GSM transmitter - TellSystem

The EasyLine GSM interface simulates a traditional telephone line (PSTN) using a GSM system module.
It can be used when the PSTN line is not available: in these conditions, a call from an external unit is forwarded through the GSM network.
Plug & Play: do not need to be programmed as a line backup.
It contains one Open Collector output which can be controlled by caller ID check (based on the memory of the SIM card).
The system is completely transparent to 4/2 and CONTACT ID protocol signals. The event from the alarm system goes through a simulated line via voice call.
Using SMS commands EasyLine GSM can be remotely configured.
An SMS message can be sent to a phone number if gets a contact to the ”SMS input”.



  • Miniature telephone line (PSTN) simulator (6 x 4 cm)
  • 1 contact inputs, 1 OC output
  • Forwarding SMS
  • Forwarding Contact ID, 4/2 protocol
  • Programming via SMS and telephone
  • Output control from stored numbers



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