Mini Line Simulator GSM transmitter EasyLine

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Miniature Line Simulator GSM transmitter EasyLine GSM - ASC Global
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EasyLine - Miniature Line Simulator GSM transmitter - ASC Global

The EasyLine GSM interface simulates a traditional telephone line (PSTN) using a GSM system module.
It can be used when the PSTN line is not available: in these conditions, a call from an external unit is forwarded through the GSM network.
Plug & Play: do not need to be programmed as a line backup.
It contains one Open Collector output which can be controlled by caller ID check (based on the memory of the SIM card).
The system is completely transparent to 4/2 and CONTACT ID protocol signals. The event from the alarm system goes through a simulated line via voice call.
Using SMS commands EasyLine GSM can be remotely configured.
An SMS message can be sent to a phone number if gets a contact to the ”SMS input”.

Line simulation

The EasyLine GSM provides a fully simulated PSTN line (47V) to the alarm center through the Tip/Ring connector. Thus, through this connector the alarm center can send messages to the monitoring receiver via voice call along with sending the own voice message of the alarm center to the user.

Remote control

Due to the OC output, we can arm or disarm the alarm center with the stored numbers on the SIM card. Now we have the possibility to modify remotely the 250/500 phone numbers on the SIM card. We can add new numbers as well as deleting the old one’s with the simple SMS commands. The progaramming can be accomplished with any kind of phone if we know the security password and the appropriate SMS command.

Remote programming

If we call the EasyLine without displaying the caller ID, or our number is not saved on the SIM, we can give ring voltage (72V) through the Tip/Ring to the alarm center. The alarm center perceives the incoming call. Hence, we can get direct access to the internal menu of the alarm center.

New functions

Thanks to the ADD and DEL commands, we can save phone numbers to a certain position in the SIM memory or delete it. We can query the actual state of the communicator with the INFO command. Therefore, we can get information concerning the state of the input/output, GSM signal level, as well as the firmware version. We can restart the communicator with the RESTART command.

Additional functions

The EasyLine GSM can forward the incoming SMSs to a pre-defined phone number which can be given with the TELBE command. The GSM module can forward an SMS about it’s SMS input change (NC) to a pre-defined phone number which we can give by using the SMSTEL command. The SMS text regarding the input change can be set with the KSMS command. The control time of the OC output can be adjusted with the OUT command. It can be up to 200 seconds. We have the possibility to change the security code.

To whom do we suggest the EasyLine?

The EasyLine is an ideal solution to anybody who would like to send notification either, to the monitoring station, or to send SMS to end-users to a pre-defined number ( power failure, alarm etc.) Also, it is an excellent solution to anybody, who would like to arm or disarm the alarm center with the output of the EasyLine!


  • Miniature telephone line (PSTN) simulator (6 x 4 cm)
  • 1 contact inputs, 1 OC output
  • Forwarding SMS
  • Forwarding Contact ID, 4/2 protocol
  • Programming via SMS and telephone
  • Output control from stored numbers



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