Marine Approved Analogue Dual Input Module CHQ-DIM2/M(SCI)

Marine Approved Analogue Dual Input Module with Isolator HOCHIKI CHQ-DIM2/M(SCI)
59,24 €
59,24 €
Sales price without tax 59,24 €

CHQ-DIM2/M(SCI) - Marine Approved Analogue Dual Input Module with Isolator - HOCHIKI

Model CHQ-DIM2/M(SCI) is a Marine Approved Dual Input Module designed to interface to a variety of inputs such as door contacts, sprinkler flow/door switches and plant equipment. Also features an integral short-circuit isolator.
A back box is also available (CHQ-BACKBOX) which, when used in conjunction with the CHQ-DIM2/M(SCI), increases the IP rating to IP65.


  • Single Loop Address
  • Loop Powered
  • 2 Independent Inputs for Monitoring of Volt Free Contacts
  • Each Input can be Configured to Monitor either Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts
  • "Smart-Fix" Housing System for flexibility
  • Features an integral SCI
  • Approved to MED by GL
  • GL Type Approval
  • Approved by LPCB

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