S1455GP Détecteur de Gaz GPL, Liquefied petroleum gas, LP Gas, liquid petroleum gas, LPG Gas DetectorS1455GP Détecteur de Gaz GPL, Liquefied petroleum gas, LP Gas, liquid petroleum gas, LPG Gas Detector

LPG Gas Detector S1455GP

LPG Gas Detector, GPL Gas Detector, Liquid Petroleum Gas Detector 0-100% LEL 4-20mA - Catalytic sensor - SMART3-NC Sensitron IP55 Enclosure Version Car Parks and non Classified areas S1455GP

S1455GP - LPG gas Detector 0-100% LEL, 4-20mA - Catalytic Sensor - IP55 Enclosure version SMART3-NC Car Parks and non Classified areas

S1455GP gas detectors are employed to detect LPG, GPL, LP Gas, liquid petroleum Gas compounds in % LEL
The SMART3 NC gas detectors represent a non certified version of the SMART3G line and are ideal for non classified areas and car parks.
They employ high quality catalytic sensors, electrochemical cells or infrared sensors, that grant an excellent linearity and accuracy, besides an estimated lifetime of 4 years.

The SMART 3NC gas detectors provide a proportional 4-20mA output signal. By employing optional boards they can either communicate on a serial bus RS 485 or provide relay outputs.
In details, the available outputs are as follows:
- 4-20 mA. Proportional 4-20mA output current corresponding to the full range (LEL or ppm).
- Relay. By adding the STS3REL board, the unit is provided with 3 relays with voltage free changeover contacts. One relay is dedicated to the Fault and Watch-dog, while the remaining two relays can be associated to two out of the three available alarm thresholds.
- Serial RS485. By adding the STS.IDI interface, the detector can communicate on RS485 bus with SENTOX IDI and MULTISCAN++ gas control panels

The SMART3 NC detectors employ a powerful microprocessor that provides the following built-in features:
Self-diagnostic procedures to control the hardware and sensor correct operation.
Zero follower to maintain the detector zero point, from possible drifts caused by thermal or physical variations of the transducer.
Digital filter, employed in the digital analysis of the analog values sampled, this filter corrects temporary phenomena from causing reading errors or false alarms.
Hysteresis cycle: applied to the outputs associated to the alarm thresholds, it prevents continuous output switching when close to the threshold values.

The SMART3 NC detectors offer a fast and failsafe installation as well as an easy maintenance and calibration routine via the handheld keypad STS/CKD.

The SMART3 NC gas detectors run with a power supply at 12-24Vd and are available in IP55 rated enclosure.


  • Gas Detector type : Liquefied petroleum gas Detector, LPG Gas Detector, GPL Gas Detector, LP Gas Detector, liquid petroleum Gas Detector
  • Typical use : Detectors for use with Sensitron control panels to detect toxic and flammable gases found where automotive vehicles are in operation. Suitable but not limited to car parks. To be used in non-classified areas only.
  • Power supply : 12-24 VDC (-20% +15%)
  • Proportional output : 4-20 mA (optional RS485)
  • Relay output (optional) : 3 relay outputs: 2 for Alarm and 1 for Fault (STS3REL)
  • Contacts rating : 24VDC 1A
  • Consumption at 12-24VDC : 60 - 90 mA
  • Repeatability : 5% FS
  • Storage temperature : -25°C to +60°C
  • Operating temperature : -10°C to +60°C
  • Relative humidity : 20 to 90 % non condensing RH/40°C
  • IP rating : IP55
  • Weight : 600 gr.
  • Dimensions : 100 x 180 x 65 mm
  • Sensor expected lifetime : 4 years


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