Linear Heat Detection System - Sensor cable Alarmline-Blue

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Linear Heat Detection System - Intelligent Sensor cable Alarmline-Blue - 100m - Kidde 22-11800-010
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AlarmLine-Blue - Linear Heat Detection System - 100m Intelligent Sensor Cable - KIDDE

Recommended for environments ranging from clean and dry to moderate dust and moisture

The Alarmline sensor cable consists of 4 copper cores. These are coated in a colour coded material with Negative Temperature Coefficient and protected by an outer sheath of high temperature, flame-retardant material. For applications under rough environmental conditions a metal braid additionally protects the sensor cable. The inner sensor wires are connected at the end and hermetically sealed in a manner that they form two loops. Both loops are permanently monitored for open- or short circuit. A fault signal will be generated in the control unit accordingly.
With increasing temperature the electrical resistance is reduced between the two loops. Provided that the sensor is not exposed permanently to a temperature exceeding 100 °C, it will return to its normal operating mode after alarm activation.

Reference : 22-11800-010