Line Simulator GSM transmitter ProLine

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Line Simulator GSM transmitter, 2 input ProLine GSM - ASC Global
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ProLine - Line Simulator GSM transmitter - ASC Global

The device possesses a full line simulator, which develops the standard 50V telephone voltage and is capable of RING function. At pick-up the device gives a regular dial tone, so you do not need to disable the dial tone monitoring or the line monitoring in the alarm system. In line simulator function the device is capable of operating in various modes. You can set the default mode in the programming software (calling the monitoring station is set as the factory default). The mode can be set with a predial number.
The predial number should be given without space before the phone number. First comes the predial number, then the telephone number. Without predial number the device operates according to the default mode.

The GSM communicator may be used as a complement to alarm control systems as a 2 input GSM transmitter.
Capable of sending voice or SMS messages to 8 phone numbers. Voice messages with a length of up to 8 seconds can be sent concerning the 2 inputs, power failure or tamper. An extra identification message may be recorded (up to 16 seconds), which is played before the alarm message.
The open collector (OC) output of the device may be used for control with caller ID.
Capable of forwarding SMS messages received by the SIM card to a preset phone number.
Monitors power failure and GSM signal strength; GSM signal strength can be read out and drawn up as a one-hour resolution graph with the programming software.
Possesses a 16.000 event list, which records signals, GSM status, incoming calls and phone numbers.
PC programming is possible with ProRead software and optional programming cable!

Delivered with a SMA-Mini Antenna, without box


  • Telephone line simulator (PSTN)
  • PSTN line management
  • 2 contact inputs, 1 OC output which is controllable from 1000 phone number
  • Forwarding SMS or/and voice message
  • Forwarding Contact ID, 4/2 protocol
  • Convert Contact ID to SMS




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