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ILS-1 - Détecteur de fumée à laser par aspiration NF avec 1 entrée ICAM Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detector with 1 inletILS-1 - Détecteur de fumée à laser par aspiration NF avec 1 entrée ICAM Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detector with 1 inlet

Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detector with 1 inlet

Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detector with 1 inlet ICAM by Xtralis

ILS-1 - Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detector with 1 inlet ICAM

The ICAM ILS systems provide Laser Air-sampling Smoke Detection solutions to meet the unique needs of numerous commercial and industrial applications. ILS systems are suitable for both medium sensitivity and multihole Class C applications.

How it Works
The ILS systems actively draw air from the protected area through sampling holes in a pipe network. Sampled air is then filtered before being analyzed by medium sensitivity laser spot (point) detectors incorporated in the systems.
Alarm states (Alert, Action or Fire) are reported by activating functional LEDs in the display and dry contact relays.
The systems utilize a high performance aspirator and software configurable flow monitoring circuitry. Air flow is displayed on a ten element bar graph that can be adjusted for high and low flow thresholds, and flow failure is reported as a device fault via dedicated fault relays.

Programming & Diagnostics
The sensitivity thresholds for each of the three alarm levels, fan speed and flow sensitivity can be individually programmed. A USB interface provides a connection to a PC for system configuration. The ILS system can also be locally configured through an integrated programming interface.


- Single channel smoke detection
- Laser air-sampling smoke detection
- Multiple detection strategies
- 100 m (328 ft) per sampling pipe
- Microprocessor controlled and programmed
- Highest fan capacity in its class
- Integral display and programmer
- Field serviceable air filter
- Adjustable aspirator speed with airflow monitoring
- IP65 enclosure


The ILS-1 can be fitted with one or two detectors per system.
ILS-1 systems fitted with one spot (point) detector is capable of providing single area detection, but ILS-1 fitted with two detectors can be configured for a number of detection strategies.

Possible detection strategies for ILS systems fitted with two spot (point) detectors :
- Redundancy (OR) *
- Coincident / Double-Knock (AND) *
* These are software programmable modes for an ILS-1 system fitted with two detectors.
* Subject to local codes and standards.
Note: (OR / AND) represents the boolean logic for combining two detectors to achieve detection strategy.


Equipment Approvals:
- EN54-20 (VdS)
- EN54-20 Sensitivity (holes per pipe)
- Class A - 3 holes
- Class B - 6 holes
- Class C - 18 holes
Factory Approvals:
- VdS


  • Integrated detectors : 1 laser spot (point) detector
  • Supply Voltage : 24 VDC nominal (18 to 30 VDC)
  • Current : 300 mA (max)
  • Dimensions (WHD) : 259 mm x 184 mm x 166 mm (10.2 in. x 7.2 in. x 6.5 in.)
  • Operating Conditions : Temperature: -10 to 50 °C (14 to 122 ©F)
  • Humidity : 10 to 95% RH (noncondensing)
  • Inlet Pipe Size : Outer Diameter: 25 mm (1 in.), Inner Diameter: 21 mm (0.8 in.)
  • Sampling Network : Pipe Length: 100 m (328 ft.) per inlet
  • Sensitivity : 0.06 to 6.0 % obs/m (0.02 to 1.83 % obs/ft)
  • IP Rating : IP65
  • Filtration : Serviceable filter, External filter optional
  • Flow Monitoring and Reporting : High and Low adjustable
  • Fan Control : 10 programmable speeds
  • Relays : Contacts rated at 1A @ 30 VDC, NO/NC
  • 3 relays : Action, Fire, Fault
  • Cable Termination Power Supply : 18 AWG min. (16 x 0.25 mm dia.)
  • Cable Termination Field Connections : 11 AWG max. (2.5 mm dia.)
  • USB : Standard USB cable for Type B USB connector


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