Loop Spliter Board ISOX-8DIN Rail Single Supervised Output Module VEGA
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LVM100 – Module d’Isolation VEGA Argus Security Isolator ModuleLVM100 – Module d’Isolation VEGA Argus Security Isolator Module

Isolator Module

Isolator Module VEGA

LVM100 - Isolator Module VEGA

The Vega isolator module is designed to provide short circuit isolation features for analogue intelligent loops carrying Vega Lite type detectors.
The Vega isolator module has a built-in bidirectional isolator: it automatically opens when the voltage in the communication line falls below a fixed threshold, in order to prevent a loop crash in case of a physical short circuit or an abnormal current consumption.
When activated, the isolator module will cut out the adjacent loop's section where the short occurred; on the other hand, all functions of the devices situated on opposite loop's section of the LVM100 will be unaffected and operate normally.
When the line voltage rises above the fixed threshold, the module will detect the removal of the cause of the fault condition and will automatically restore power to the isolated loop's section and its devices.
At loop line's power-on, the module's bidirectional isolator is kept closed for a fixed amount of time (see the specifications tables), independently from the loop line's status. During this time the control panel can power-up all the Vega Lite detectors installed after the isolator module, in order to have a fast loop startup. If the number of Vega Lite detectors is very high or the control panel's current limit is very low, and the fast startup is not possible, Vega Lite sensors will be powered up in a longer time (typically from 4 to 25 seconds).



- All modules are designed to meet the EN 54-17 Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Short-circuit isolators.
- Powered by SLC loop directly, no external power required.
- High noise (EMF/RFI) immunity.
- Opens SLC loop automatically on detection of short, preventing the short from causing failure of the entire loop.
- Automatically resets on correction of short.