High Capacity Charger & Battery Baton Kit SOLO 797

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High Capacity Charger & 2 Batteries Baton Kit SOLO 797 - No Climb products
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SOLO797 - High Capacity Charger & 2 Batteries Baton Kit  - No Climb products

The new Solo770 Battery Baton is a higher capacity version (3000mAh) of the Solo760 (2200mAh). It allows greater efficiency on site as it gives more tests per battery to detectors, for the same charge time as before but provided by the new Solo727 charger. This Solo727 charger provides the same functionality as before – enabling fast charging of Battery Batons from both mains power and in-vehicle outlets.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Solo 727 High Capacity Battery Charger
  • 2 x Solo 770 High Capacity Battery Baton

Products used for:

  • Solo460 Cordless Heat Tester
  • Testifire 1000 – Combined Smoke and Heat tester
  • Testifire 2000 – Combined Smoke, Heat, and CO tester
  • Scorpion 7000 and 8000 – Scorpion Controllers

To help match the battery to the charger, a red sleeve has been added to the Solo727 Charger (on the battery lead) which corresponds to a red collar on the top of the Solo770 battery baton. Always ensure that the correct pairing of battery baton and charger is used. No damage will occur if they are mismatched.