GSM Gate Opener MultiOne

GSM Gate opener MultiOne can control with a free call the driveway, garage door, etc. free of charge - ASC Global
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83,00 €
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MultiOne - GSM Gate opener - ASC Global

Miniature GSM module developed especially for remote controlling. Due to its universal power needs the device is suitable for wide range use. Easy programming and Plug&Play connection makes installation quicker and easier.

Plug & Play usage: with telephone numbers saved to SIM card it can be used immediately as a remote controller.
It has a relayed output that can be controlled with a free voice call and from 250/500 previously stored phone numbers with number identification depending on SIM card memory. Without caller identification the output can be controlled from unlimited phone numbers.
Output can be NO/NC depending on wiring and relay load can be 5A and 230VAC or 24 VDC.
Output operation is selectable between bistable and monostable. At monostable controlling the saved maximum controlling time is 250 seconds.
When a voltage arrives to the input it can send a previously saved message to one telephone number. Input voltage can be minimum 5V and 30V maximum.
Basic settings can be set with the dip switches while the phone number for notification and the monostable controlling time can be modified with SMS.


  • 1 optocoupler input (NO/NC)
  • 1 output, 230VAC/24VDC, (NO/NC)
  • Output controlling bistable or monostable (250sec) mode
  • Output control vis free call (250/500 phone numbers)
  • Without caller identification the output can be controlled from unlimited phone number
  • Programming with SMS or with DIP switch
  • SMS sending and forwarding to one telephone number




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