OverLine 3G - Transmetteur GPRS/HSUPA - GPRS/HSUPA CommunicatorOverLine 3G - Transmetteur GPRS/HSUPA - GPRS/HSUPA Communicator

GPRS/HSUPA Communicator OverLine 3G

Line Simulator 3G GSM transmitter, 2 input OverLine 3G - TellSystem

OverLine 3G - GPRS/HSUPA Communicator - TellSystem

Due to the intelligent server, the settings of the module can be modified fast and easily by overall remote access. The device can send notification both, to the monitoring station and to the user. The OverLine 3G allows us the arming and disarming of the alarm center by the Pulower web page or by the android application. The application forwards us every important information, hence, our phone can be a mini monitoring receiver.

2 contact driven or voltage input

  • Unique CID code can be assigned to it
  • Input sensitivtiy can be modified

1 Relay output

  • We can use for arming/disarming the alarm center
  • It can be controlled in bistable and in monostable mode

1 TIP/RING connector

  • The OverLine 3G is capable to forward the received CID messages through the TIP/RING connector from the alarm panel, to the  monitoring receiver
  • It is possible to change the customer ID in the alarm center

1 PSTN connector

  • We can connect the external phone line to the GSM module, howbeit, in case of line failure the module switches to GSM
  • In case of 3G network failure, the module uses PSTN backup
  • Force PSTN. Thanks to this function we can switch the device to the PSTN network by pushing a button on the Puloware web page. The benefit of this function that the alarm panels, which are equipped with Bell 103 modem, can be programmed trough the module.

1 phone connector

  • We can connect one phone to the PSTN line

Application: Puloware Client

  • It informs the user by push notifications about the events
  • User names can be assigned to the controlling of the alarm center – thus the application indicates who armed or disarmed and when
  • Monostable/Bistable output control
  • It is compatible with android only
  • Several device can be added to one application
  • The application is advertisement free without any charges

Additional features

  • Test report sending
  • Two monitoring receiver can be set, a primary and a secondary  providing maximum transmission security
  • The puloware web page can be reached from PC as well as smart phone, therefore, it can be programmed remotely


  • Contact ID signal forwarding through 3G/2G network

  • Alarm center remote programming via internet

  • Alarm center switching on/off along with message receieving by android application

  • High security transmission with 3G/PSTN parallel communication



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