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Portable Test Unit4

Talentum Test Torch 1800-101

Simulated Flame Detector Test Unit Talentum 1800-101 - FFE

Talentum-1800-101 - Simulated Flame Detector Test Unit - FFE

The Talentum TT2 is a test and calibration unit explicitly designed to work with the full range of Talentum® Flame Detectors.
Using the intuitive menu, choose the type of Flame Detector to be tested; squeeze the trigger, and the Talentum TT2 will automatically perform a test from a distance of up to 6 metres, which means that in many applications, the Flame Detector can be tested from ground level.
The Talentum TT2 recreates the characteristic spectrum of a flame using a combination of UV and IR bulbs. Once testing is complete the TalentumTT2 can store your test results for download to a PC.
In addition to the testing functionality, The Talentum TT2 can recalibrate a Talentum® Flame Detector. Connect the Calibration Kit (sold separately or order 1800-012 to upgrade) between the Talentum TT2 and the front of the Talentum® Flame Detector and follow the menu to recalibrate the Flame Detector in the field.
The Talentum TT2's integral battery is recharged via USB from either a PC or off the shelf USB charger.


  • 1m to 6m testing range
  • Lighter weight
  • Holds battery charge for longer
  • Supports fast charging
  • Accurately simulates a pan fire
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
  • Sturdy carry case provided




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